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"If you're not a fan of Sam Firstenberg now, you will be by the time you finish reading."

Arrow in the Head

on Stories from the Trenches

"...having just scratched the surface of the book I can say it is an absolute must for fans of Cannon films. But I am not the only one raving about this book…"

Bulletproof Action

on Stories from the Trenches

“If you’re a fan of Firstenberg’s work or the Cannon Films machine or just action movie making in general, it’s a hell of a good read!”

Mike Leeder (Impact Magazine)

on Stories from the Trenches

“This book is a great achievement for the action film genre!”

Isaac Florentine 

on Stories from the Trenches

"Siedelmann deserves massive credit for turning the spotlight on these rarely documented corners of movie history. He’s doing vital work in the service of cinema and should be recognized as the legitimate film historian he is."

The Movie Elite

on Seidelman & Company

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