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Yoram Gross (1926-2015) was Australia’s leading animation Producer and Director. Internationally acclaimed for his films and television series, Yoram had established a worldwide reputation for the adaptation of children’s characters from books and films to animation that win the hearts of children worldwide. Yoram was known as a storyteller whose distinctive, non-violent films and series possess a contemporary charm that crosses all international barriers. Yoram had a rich personal history and uses the mediums of film and television to share his life experiences. Born in Krakow, Poland to a Jewish family, Yoram endured World War II under the Nazi regime. His family was on Oskar Schindler’s infamous list, but chose to make their own risky escape, moving hiding places 72 times. Yoram looks back on these times as a valuable catalyst. He has a lot to say to children and everyone of his films contains a message, including loyalty, peaceful resolve and good winning over evil. “If you watch my films carefully you will see the history of my life,” he said.

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